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Nearly a thousand years ago, the continent of Abbadon was plunged into a night that has yet to end. Darkness enveloped the world, sending society spiraling into chaos and turmoil. Cities crumbled, kingdoms fell into decline, and in their wake, feudal states arose, with sorcerer lords and undead barons rising to take control of a world shoved into endless night. Ancient liches creaked in their tombs, breaking old earth for the first time in ages. Vampire hordes supplanted the bestial threats of old. And most of all, heroes arose.

A millennium into the epoch of utter darkness, society still struggles to maintain some semblance of order. But with each passing moment, the mortal world shrinks further and further away. Still, some have found ways to cope. Druids, with their mastery of nature, have bolstered the crops that may have died without their influence, and religion has become a bastion for those who still believe the dawn may come. For many, life is merely survival. But, for a chosen few, life is about opportunity and adventure. For these heroes, the break of day is nothing to wait for when there is so much left to save while the night still falls.

Some believe legends of a country, far beyond the borders of Abbadon, where the sun still rises. None have ever found this land of the rising sun; or at least, none have returned to tell its tale. However, nearly all mortals are familiar with the Daywatch, the order as enigmatic as it is determined to find the path to the dawn. For those who live at the mercy of horrors once relegated to cautionary tales and fireside ghost stories, the Daywatch, the hope of another land, somehow within their reach, where the world never turned upside down is all that keeps them going.

Welcome to Abbadon, a desperate place, where a fortune may be carved out of legend, where gold has less value than grit, and where there are always deeds to be done.

Welcome to the Age of Midnight.

Main Page

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