A halfling ex-jester of the dead Kingdom of Silver.


Still wearing the leather trappings of a jester’s outfit, Lucas is speckled with jewel shaped colors of blue and green. His hair is almost a flame orange and appears to have been cut short with a dagger or sword.

One blade rests in a scabbard at his side, the other, of a strange and ancient design, is tucked under his belt.


He was a dutiful jester of the elven kingdom of Silver. He also had a close friendship with the prince.

Half a year ago, the king was assassinated with the very blade Lucas carries, and in the confusion of the king’s death, the kingdom was overrun by a small campaign of dragons. The prince and Lucas made a good escape while many of the kingdom’s population became slaves or were slain.

The prince was overwhelmed by the loss of his father and Silver. He fell to madness. Lucas escorted him to a small monastery for rest and to remain hidden until he could recover. The jester decided that his recovery would be to throw himself into a different line of work.

The monks made mention of a small infestation of goblins in the local town and Lucas took the contract to exterminate them. Successful, he decided to follow the new career to a larger city.


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